Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Back At It

The vacation's over, and today (admittedly a couple of days after I had originally planned), I'm diving head-first back into low-carb eating. After some consideration, I decided not to start at square one with Induction, this time, because I've found that I can be much more successful with the freedom to eat certain foods (like berries, unsweetened cocoa powder, nuts, seeds, and low-carb breads and tortillas) in limited amounts. I'll probably keep the carb count to induction levels, but the variety keeps me interested in what I'm eating. Plus, it was too hard to get excited about this way of eating when I was faced with sacrificing my beloved chocolate raspberry breakfast smoothies. And -- no lie! -- I really am excited about getting back to this way of eating. It felt good to stock up on fresh, healthy foods at the grocery store yesterday, and it felt good to be back in the kitchen this afternoon preparing a super low-carb dinner to take with me to work.

I was away from low-carbing for almost three weeks, which is longer than I hoped to let myself languish in my old eating habits, but I'm optimistic that my return will not be too painful. I'm expecting to feel some dulled senses and maybe some headaches as I detox from sugar and caffeine (often known among Atkinsers as the "induction flu"), but there's been no sign of those feelings yet today. Instead I just feel like I have more energy, which could be either due to my extra water consumption, the coconut oil in my breakfast shake, or it's totally in my head.

Maybe I'll finally feel like giving this little blog some attention now that I'm back on the bandwagon. Expect posts about the foods I'm eating -- both old favorites and experiments with new recipes.