Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Great Gifts for Low-Carbers

Examiner Columnist Linda Duffy shares some great gift ideas for your favorite low-carb eaters. Skip the cookies, and bring on the meat! Can I just say that I would be ALL about a stocking full of Slim Jims?

Also, check out Jamie Van Eaton's lists of bacon-related gifts. The items on her list are great and all, but she fails to mention this kickass BACON WALLET that was given to me last year by my best friend, or the maple bacon lollipops I sent her in the mail. We have, however, discussed wearing those bacon tuxedos at my wedding.


Anonymous said...

I would also be all about a stocking full of Slim Jims, tell Katie to get on that.

plumpdumpling said...

Yeah, sad that the gift of steak appeals to me way less than the gift of homemade cookies. It's a shame I equate carbs with pleasure.

Also: what's up with everyone loving bacon all of the sudden?! We were totally first.