Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sticking to My Diet . . . Sort of

I've been absent from the blog since October, but I'm so happy to say that I haven't been absent from low-carbing. Of course I was a cookie-eating fool during the Christmas season (I scorn anyone who says Christmas eating should last a day, not a month), but before and since that, I've been limiting my quote-unquote bad meals and finding that I'm actually enjoying myself. Since I spend most of my evenings with my boyfriend, whose tiny Manhattan apartment lacks both a freezer and an oven, I eat take-out almost every night. Not only is it really difficult for me to find low-carb food to order, but he doesn't like most of the restaurants that actually have options for me, so it's just simpler sometimes for me to eat whatever he's eating.

As a trade-off, I just make sure to eat healthy, low-carb breakfasts and lunches. Knowing that I'm going to have chicken parmesan for dinner makes a spinach-filled low-carb wrap a really satisfying lunch and keeps my hands off the candy bowl all afternoon. I haven't been losing tons of weight this way, but I have been losing a little, and I'm certainly not gaining anything, which is a big, big deal for me.

But last night, I had a friend over to my apartment, and we ordered Mexican food. Which also somehow included jalapeno poppers (what?). I brought a leftover cheese quesadilla and some of those poppers to work today with the intention of doing something–I'm not sure what–other than eating them, because I'm planning to go to dinner tonight with another friend and want the option to order whatever I want. But of course they were calling to me by lunchtime, and I went ahead and ate them with no regard for my plan.

And they were terrible! They didn't taste good after being in the refrigerator all night, and I didn't even get the social fulfillment that comes with eating bad food among friends since my co-workers were eating salads for once.

You know the only thing worse than eating unhealthy food when you didn't mean to? Eating unhealthy food and knowing the healthy stuff would've actually tasted better.