Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mmmmm. Cardboard.

A reflection on a night of carb-consumption:


Committed low-carbers often write in their books and blogs about how, after eating mostly whole low-carb foods, processed starchy foods (like the chicken alfredo pizza I had for dinner and the Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies I had for dessert) taste like cardboard.

And you know what? They're right. After just over a year of experimenting with this way of eating, I'm starting to notice that, too. It's mostly in the texture, and sometimes even in the taste, but pretty much anything made with refined white flour just seems, well, cardboardy. I can't think of any better way to describe it.

But here's funny thing. This obvious cardboardiness doesn't make me stop wanting those foods, and it still doesn't keep me from finding them completely and utterly delicious when I eat them.

Will I ever get to the same point as the die-hards who can actually turn up their noses at sugary, floury, pre-packaged chocolate chip cookies? Maybe it's something that will come with more time, or maybe eating them here and there is a habit I will never fully break.

I mostly wonder if this new food-awareness will lead to my eventual distaste for starchy foods, or if it means I'm meant to start finding actual cardboard more and more delicious.

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Jennifer said...

Laughing! You know, I've been a low-carber for many years, however, I will have occasional blow-outs such as on a vacation or an occasional meal here or there when I visit friends. It doesn't mean I like low-carbing any less (I know it is best for me), it just means I am not a purist or a diehard as you call those folks. Some people, however, need to be very strict because they have the mentality that since they messed up for a whole vacation, now they might as well give up low-carbing for a few years until all the weight is back on again and all the unhealthy symptoms are back again.

I don't have that problem - I go straight back to my WOE as I know it to be better for me.