Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Goodbye, Water Weight!

Want to know what you can eat to keep yourself from feeling bloated?

Hint: It ain't low fat, and it ain't grain.

After being on a bit of an eating bender over the last couple of weeks, I was really starting to feel the effects of all of the pizza, cookies, potato skins, cheesecake, and Pepsi. So now that my vacation is over, I decided to go back to a strict version of my low carb way of eating. Here's what I ate yesterday:

-a low-carb, no sugar breakfast shake (specifically, an Atkins Chocolate Royale shake)

-some pepperoni slices (with no fear of nitrates!)

-2 bunless grilled hamburgers, topped with full-fat provolone cheese and thick-sliced bacon and some edamame

-a bunless grilled all beef hot dog, topped with full-fat shredded cheese and a salad with full-fat ranch dressing

-a coconut & coffee flavored iced smoothie made in the blender with sugar-free chocolate protein powder, cocoa, and some full-fat heavy whipping cream

I also drank water with my meals instead of soda and had a few extra glasses of water throughout the day.

When I woke up this morning, I weighed five pounds less than I did yesterday morning. FIVE POUNDS. I'm not even exaggerating.

For those of you who are reading this and thinking to yourselves, "So what? It's just water weight!" I only have this to say: "WHO CARES?! I still dropped five pounds in one day! Without limiting calories! While getting plenty of energy from protein and veggies and not starving myself in any way!"

I always hate it when people try to dismiss the amazingly quick results of low-carb diets with their snooty "It's just water weight" comment. It's not like I really believe that I magically lost 5 pounds of actual body fat just by cutting out sugar and bread yesterday, but those five pounds still make a difference in the way I feel today and in the way my jeans are no longer cutting into my midsection. They still mean something. And while these five pounds may be from my body getting rid of excess water, the naysayers can't tell me the other forty-five pounds I've lost on Atkins were "just water weight".

I think it's valuable information (for dieters and non-dieters alike) that a little low-carbing is the perfect cure for bloating. It's knowledge that can come in handy when you've got something important coming up and you don't want to feel there's an inflated balloon in your stomach.

Case in point: Even though I plan to enjoy pasta and sugary cake at my wedding in a few months, you'd better believe that I'll be skipping the bread at the rehearsal dinner the night before.


plumpdumpling said...

This sounds totally delightful. Especially the part where I cram SO MUCH ICING in your face at your wedding.

Tracey said...

Do you want to be the one to cut the cake with me and we'll feed it to each other? I'm sure Dan won't mind.

Jennifer said...

I didn't realize you are getting married. Congratulations! Wow, I've never in my life seen the scale drop that much in one day. That must be an awesome feeling!

Tracey said...

I guess everyone experiences weight-loss differently. I tend to go days and days with no movement of the scale and then wake up one morning 3-4 pounds lighter. When I think about all of the junk I ate the day before going back to low-carb, though, it doesn't surprise me that I was carrying around five pounds of water-weight.