Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Great Blog Revamp: Complete with New Author!

If you visit this site directly rather than view the posts in a reader, you may notice that there have been some changes around here, the most important of which is summed up by the new subtitle for this blog, which now reads:

two twentysomething best friends combat carbs in a delightfully sugary, starchy world

That's right, folks. With the addition of my extremely talented and bitingly witty best friend Katie (posting here as plumpdumpling), Unbreaded has officially become a two-author blog!

Not only will Katie's presence here be the ultimate antidote to my general blog-laziness, but I'm super excited for us to be able to offer our perspectives on struggling to eat healthfully in very different environments. You see, while I live in an Ohio suburban sprawl filled with a million fast food chains and Wal-Marts, retreating to the kitchen to try to keep my carb-consumption in check, Katie lives in the Big Apple, practically kitchenless and relying on restaurant food for nearly every meal. Together, we're the perfect example of how low carb isn't one-size-fits-all, and we hope this blog can become a great forum for discussion on how people can individualize low-carb/low-glycemic eating and make it work for them.

I'll let her introduce herself properly when she posts, but I am so pants-peeingly excited to share the news of her arrival here that I had to let the cat out of the bag. Welcome, Katie!