Monday, July 26, 2010

Vintage Ad: "Sugar Makes You Skinny!"

On my feminist blog, I often post vintage ads to poke fun at the rampant sexism in advertising throughout history. Today, I came across an ad worthy of deconstructing here:


The unnecessarily long copy reads:
If sugar is so fattening, how come so many kids are thin?

Next time you pass a bunch of kids, take a look. Kids eat and drink more sugar than anybody. But how many fat kids do you see? The fact is, if you constantly take in more food than your body needs, you'll probably get fat. If you eat a balanced diet in moderation, you probably won't. And sugar in moderation has a place in a well-balanced diet. For kids, eating or drinking something with sugar in it can mean a new supply of body fuel. Fuel that can be used in not too many minutes. There's a useful psychological effect, too. The good natural sweetness of sugar is like a little reward that promotes a sense of satisfaction and well-being. The thing is, good nutrition comes from a balanced diet. And a balanced diet means the right amounts of protein, vitamins, minerals, fats, and carbohydrates. Now, what's one important carbohydrate? Sugar.

Sugar. It isn't just good flavor; it's good food.